My world is shaped by color from the diverse people with whom I come in contact, travel, unique experiences, and a myriad of observations I make everyday living in the hustle and bustle of NYC.

Blueexpressions isn't a tribute to my favorite color or a random name I coined but, rather, reflects the love and great admiration I have for a certain art movement called De Blue Ryder and the style of art that is abstract expressionism. Both depict the world without spelling out every detail in different ways and both have been endlessly inspiring.

Art and art history and the conception process an artist goes through to make something, has always intrigued me. Some of these observations and inspirations show up in my work!
I hope you enjoy seeing the imagery as much as I enjoy creating it.

Thank you for looking.

Best, Brianna

All images used courtesy Brianna McCord. All rights reserved.




Bwe' Kafe - Solo Show LAYERS of HAITI 2017 Hoboken NJ

Tip of the Tongue Baked and Brewed Cafe - Solo Show COLOR LANDS 2015-2016 Brooklyn NY

Gulfport Arts Center - New artists for a new year show 2009 Gulfport FL

Woods Gerry Gallery - Senior group show RISD 2008 Providence RI

Carr House - Textile department show RISD 2007 Providence RI

Gulf Coast Museum of Art - Select student work show 2002 Largo FL  

St. Petersburg Fine Art Museum - Selected student work PCCA 2002 St. Petersburg FL